Zazen Water Filter

Our Philosophy – Emulating Mother Nature

Underpinning zazen Water is a philosophy that drives and directs our product design and it comes from a holistic view surrounding health and wellbeing, and the understanding of the foundational role that water plays in any wellness strategy. This philosophy pushed us further in our research and education to find a water filter that would support optimum wellness. Where East meets West is where the zazen Alkaline Water System was born.

As it travels through the earth, filtering through natural sand, soil and mineral deposits, the water sheds toxins and picks up minerals, magnetic energy from mother earth and far infra-red energy from the sun, and its structure changes and adapts. By the time it bubbles from a spring and flows down a stream, water contains important properties that are essential for our hydration, essential for life!

The purpose and key distinctions of the
Zazen Alkaline Water system

We take your originating tap water and transform it into water of exceptional quality that will hydrate you at a cellular level, and is clean and healthy, reduced of chemicals, micro-plastics and toxins capable of causing harm.

To ensure your body does not become a filter, the zazen Alkaline Water system has a 10 Stage State-of-the-Art filtration process shown in our attached “zazen Look N’See” brochure.

We transform your water into high quality alkaline mineral water – a delicious water ideal for you to drink that will hydrate you through a balanced range of alkaline minerals (also known as electrolytes), without the deadly toxins in it. Please refer to our attached “zazen Look N’See” brochure.

We create an alkaline mineral water, which has a balanced range of minerals required by the body to aid hydration. These minerals are chloride (not chlorine), sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Hydration is foundational to the prevention of disease or the recovery from it and assisting live a longer healthier life. The body is after all mostly 75% water. Every cellular function requires water.

Zazen with BPA free plastic tank

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Zazen Glass Water Tank

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Anything else?

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