Women’s Wellness Retreats

Detox the Body, Mind & Spirit

Coming Soon
Bargara Beach, QLD

Rebecca Lang ~ Naturopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Retreat Facilitator, Speaker and Author and her Team of Health Professionals have designed a Retreat especially for you. Learn how to break unhealthy habits and start living the life you believe in. A life that supports your dreams and visions for yourself and your family. By the time you leave you will look and feel amazing and you will have had the time to remember who you are and the dreams for your ideal life that you may have forgotten long ago.

Women’s Wellness Retreat – Exclusively for You
Where: Bargara Beach, Queensland
When: Coming soon – register your Expression of Interest below

This will be an exclusive group of women with limited numbers. Over our time together, you will receive the information and tools to take home to make positive changes in your life. Whether that is eating healthier food, more movement, better lifestyle choices, meditation or a positive mindset. Whatever it is that you need from our team, we can support you to move forward and gain the skills to make positive changes in your life when you are back to your normal home environment.

You will leave the Wellness Retreat feeling rested, having had the opportunity to rest each afternoon, indulge in yoga and meditation sessions and begin the detox process. You will feel that you have been able to release some of the issues holding you back from your ideal life.

An amazing retreat that you deserve

The Wellness Women’s Retreat – Detox Your Body, Mind and Spirit – will be held locally here in Bargara, two bedroom apartments – you will have your own room, 3 nights and days that will be all about you!

The Retreat will include a Naturopathic Testing Appointment, Massage, 3 Day Juice Cleanse and light Vegan food option, daily meditation, daily yoga, beach walks, inspiring guest speakers and workshops to support your health and wellness, not only during the Retreat but so that you go home with the tools to continue your healthy choices in Body, Mind and Spirit.

Additional Info

Sometimes it is hard to make the decision to do something for yourself, especially when you are used to looking after others or putting commitments first – so here is all the ‘other’ information for you to ponder on.
Who Is Rebecca Lang?

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Who will be coming?
This Retreat is designed especially for women of all ages. The great thing about Retreats is that if you come alone, you have an instant group of new friends because retreats are set up to be inclusive and non-judgemental.
How do I get to the Retreat?
Bargara is located about 4 hours from Brisbane, 3.5 from the Sunshine Coast or Rockhampton. If you don’t want to travel alone, we can connect you with other women coming from your area so you can travel together. If you are flying in, we will discuss transportation with you.
I’m Worried as I have a Food Allergy
That is fair enough – we would be too. You will need to bring any medication with you and brief us on use and dosage before the retreat begins so we can get any information and prepare what we need.
I have never been away without family or friends
The best things about Retreats are meeting new people – often women come alone and go home with life-long friends. But yes, it is a bit stressful going to something where you worry you won’t know anyone. Before the Retreat, you will be connected through a Facebook group and we will have an online meetup. We can even try to arrange travel to and from Bargara with someone else from your area if you would like that.

Anything else?

We are happy to answer any questions you have – please email Rebecca (admin@healthandhealing.net.au) and we can set up a time to chat – or call the clinic on 07 4159 1834.