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Aug 10, 2022

Are you suffering from eczema, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, pigmentation, ageing skin, rosacea, cracked heals or rashes?

Have you tried various medical and pharmaceutical treatments with minimal results?

Are you concerned about the long term side effects of steroid creams?

Are you wondering what really caused your skin condition and if you will just have to suffer through it for the rest of your life?

At Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre, Naturopath Rebecca Lang has been specialising in skin conditions for over 10 years. Her treatment protocol has been highly effective and she now mentors Naturopaths around Australia on treating skin effectively.

Skin can be difficult to treat – medically, pharmaceutically and naturopathically But when we combine these methods we can often receive the best results, not only with skin, but with many other health conditions as well.

Skin conditions can be debilitating for a person’s self-esteem, especially if it is on the face. It can also increase stress levels and lead to anxiety and depression.

Many people with skin conditions have tried so many different products and treatments but have not had results. Or quite often, they will work for a while and then they stop working and hope is lost at the same time.

Many skin conditions improve with a reduction in inflammation in the body, removal of food intolerances and working with hormonal balancing and blood cleansing herbs. Our Naturopaths also use scientific equipment to test for Oxidative Stress. This tells us if the person is at a higher risk of disease and aging quickly. If so, an effective detox program is recommended.

It is also important to also work topically with effective skin treatments. Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre make their own natural skin creams and also give their clients access to a variety of effective topical treatments depending on the skin condition.

If you are suffering with a skin condition and would like to find answers and effective treatment, or if you would like to improve the results of your current skin protocol, contact Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre on (07) 4159 1834. You can also follow our page on Instagram at _healthandhealing.  You can book online at

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