My Mission Statement

I am passionate about educating people about their own body and the messages it is telling them and searching for the root cause. I use a synergistic approach using modern scientific and naturopathic testing to decipher many messages from the body and then treat with natural medicines. The testings can then be used to analyse the results and improvements over time. My goal is to help you with healing your body, mind and spirit and to be able to show you over time the changes and improvements you have made. Along with using effective reporting systems to assess how you are feeling within yourself.

I also believe in the best of both worlds of medicine. By safely combining natural medicines to assist in reducing side effects of pharmaceutical medicine, may help to improve ones quality of life on a daily basis. I believe in complimenting the medical and pharmaceutical systems and working towards the best health outcomes for my clients.

If you would like to discuss any current issues surrounding your health or would simply like a second opinion, please book a consultation with me today.

About Rebecca Lang

Rebecca Lang is a highly qualified naturopath and nutritionist. She is the owner/operator of Bargara Beach Holistic Health and Of the Earth Juice Bar & Health Shop. Rebecca is also the Vice President of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Rebecca has authored 3 Books – each one was written with a group of other authors.

These books are available for purchase through the clinic or on amazon.

Specialises in

Rebecca specialises in all areas of health. Some areas of a particular interest are skin issues, anti-aging, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, hormonal issues, just to name a few. Rebecca is passionate about supporting women who may be experiencing adrenal burnout or may be still in the superwoman syndrome. This is women running on adrenaline which often leaves them with sleep issues, bloating, weight gain, hormonal issues and high oxidative stress levels. High oxidative stress levels will put the body at a higher risk of diseases. Rebecca has a 4 step program of cleanse, nourish, revitalise and maintain to support women going through what she calls ‘superwoman syndrome”. Access to Rebecca’s online program – Detox Your Body, Mind and Spirit will be available soon.

My Story

“Hello, my name is Rebecca Lang BHSc (Comp Med); Adv Dip Nat; Adv Dip Ntn: Adv Dip West. Herb

I grew up in Perth, not far out of Fremantle. I always felt a little bit different to everyone else as a child, I was very sensitive and seemed to feel things deeply. I soon learnt not to watch scary movies or even watch the news.

I was quite unwell as a child and always struggled with digestive issues and basically didn’t like food.

Before I even finished high school I had an interest in Naturopathy, but it was not covered under HECS and the course had to be paid for upfront. My first job when finishing year 12 was at a doctor’s surgery where I worked alongside the doctor assisting with procedures and clinical duties. I loved helping people.

At 18 I was offered work in Port Hedland in WA, working in financial planning, taxation and bookkeeping. I started this work initially hoping I could save the money to pay for my Naturopathy studies. During this time I did my Reiki 1, 2 and Masters courses, massage courses and every spiritual development workshop I could access.

Five years later I moved back to Perth. I was married and had a baby and while he was 6 weeks old, I did an exam towards a Diploma in Financial Planning and was continuing my studies in this area. I soon realised I did not want to waste my time studying something I didn’t love and started my Naturopathy course, saving up for and studying one subject at a time.

My son had many digestive issues and food intolerances, which increased my interest in Nutrition. The doctors advised to give him Nurofen, I took him off gluten and saw immediate improvements.

I was studying Advance Diplomas in Nutritional Medicine, Naturopathy and Western Herbal Medicine. I also wanted to do a Bachelor in Health Science (Complementary Medicine) but this was not available in WA so my family and I moved to Qld 4 hours North of Brisbane to Bargara. A beautiful spot on the beach.
I decided I wanted experience in the medical industry so left the financial planning and taxation industry to work at a private hospital.

Working on the wards gave me patient contact and understanding and the theatre bookings helped me to understand procedures and I was lucky enough to stand in on some surgeries and hold a gallbladder or a thyroid etc.

I then worked for a couple of different surgeons and an Audiologist which greatly enhanced my knowledge.

This was all done while also studying full time externally and attending University Of New England NSW twice a year for lectures and lab work, and also Health Schools Australia at the Gold Coast twice a year for lectures and lab work. That was my annual leave for those years.

I also did go half way through a Bachelor of Nursing during this time but then decided to defer as I couldn’t actually afford to take time off to do the prac hours. I was still working hard to support my family and pay my degree upfront.

While studying I was soon lead back into taxation and opened my own bookkeeping business which gave me more flexibility with hours, so I could also get some work and experience at a health food shop and allow time to do clinical hours over a 2 year period with an amazing Naturopath who was about to retire. During this time I did a Diploma of Urine Biochemistry under my Mentor Naturopath.

In October 2008 I finally completed my studies and on the day of my graduation I did not attend but instead started consulting that day.

With a clinic built on the side of my house in the last year of study I was excited to begin. Many years later I am still loving being a Naturopath and Nutritionist. The clinical research and experience I have received over the years has taught me so much, on top of my studies and my time working in the medical industry. I also worked for 2 years, 1 or 2 days a week in pharmacy, as a naturopath to enhance my pharmaceutical understanding and knowledge.

I had planned on moving back to Perth once my studies were complete but my life did not lead me that way. Although in 2013 I did spend a year in Perth after the house and clinic were hit by a tornado and had to be rebuilt. During this time I still ran my clinic in Bargara as well as one in Perth. I love that with technology I can now also help people world wide via phone and telehealth.

I am passionate about educating people about natural medicine and naturopathy.
I am also a strongly motivated teacher and believe by helping other Naturopaths and writing I am able to help even more people.

I also own Of The Earth Juice Bar & Health Shop, and Of The Earth Publishing.”

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Thank you to you Rebecca and your lovely staff for the professional service I have received over the last couple of years. After my long-standing GP had relocated to the Sunshine Coast, I struggled to find another GP to replace him. I needed help with my health and through your tests and expert advice, along with helping me find a new GP, my health has improved. You were the perfect person Rebecca and I recommend everyone consider obtaining a holistic assessment of their own health.


When I saw Rebecca Lang I didnt think i had any major health issues. She did iridology and blood tests and referred me to see my GP with the blood tests. As many issues were picked up and the Dr wanted me on 4 medications. Rebecca asked the dr for 3 months and he agreed. She reversed all my health issues in that time. My dr was very impressed.


Rebecca has been so instrumental in getting my health journey on track and I am feeling better each day. My migraines are decreasing, I am losing weight which is taking pressure off my neck and back injuries and my PTSD symptoms are on a steady decline. I am going from surviving to thriving thanks to Rebecca and the girls and Bagara Health & Healing.


For the short time that I have known Rebecca Lang and working for her I find her very professional in her work. I admire her very much with her medical and spiritual outlook on life. I find Rebecca very easy to get on with and I feel very blessed by knowing her.


Rebecca is my partner in staying well.My health reset was due to a sudden illness and it was impressed upon me by the clinicians that a change of lifestyle was needed for me to have greater well-being.3 months prior to having my surgery I had my first consultation, she’s very intentional in her process, thorough, highly skilled and mindful in how she approaches the testing and plan moving forward.Her background as a qualified and experienced health professional combined with a naturopathic approach made sense to me and I felt reassured I was learning a better way to prepare and prevent through greater understanding.


I began seeing Rebecca Lang 8 months ago for skin and digestive problems. With the help of the quality products Rebecca suggested on my first visit and the informative care and testing it has done my body the world of good, im so glad i took the step to begin seeing Rebecca and her very helpful team and will continue to do so.


Following a year of mental health issues and chronic fatigue symptoms I decided to make a natural change - I have been seeing Bec for just a few months now and I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Bec has been so thoughtful in her management of my recovery, providing scripts that have treated the cause of my symptoms and brought me back to life! The main areas I have noted improvement are to do with digestive system, energy levels and mood. Thank you Bec and the rest of the team for looking after me!


Incredible team lead by an incredible Naturopath. Rebecca and the team have significantly improved my health by utilising nature and science to deliver real results. Blood tests don’t lie and feeling the best I have in a very long time. Can’t recommend Bargara Holistic Health enough to anybody wanting to get their most important asset back on track.


Rebecca is a world of knowledge and skill. She understands how illness is connected beyond the body, into beliefs, lifestyle and spirituality, and offered me a plan that I was comfortable with. And when I need to order products, Izzy and the girls are a delight and breeze to chat to. At Bargara Beach Holistic Centre you will feel heard and respected. Thank you!


After being diagnosed with an inflammatory lung disease and being on daily medication and steroids which left me feeling generally unwell and overweight, I approached Rebecca and have now been working with her for over 3 years. Based on analysis of blood results and Rebecca getting to know me, I made some dietary adjustments and have been using various supplements she recommended and I am very happy with the results. My health has improved drastically - I feel much better than I did, I have cut down on the amount of medication necessary to manage the disease and my lung imaging has cleared up too. Overall I'm extremely satisfied and genuinely grateful for Rebecca's expertise.


In November 2018 I completed a two week internship at Bagara Beach Holistic Centre with Rebecca Lang.

During this time I was able to build skills in effectively consulting with clients, conducting testing procedures and how to apply naturopathic principles and support to presenting client conditions.

Rebecca included me in every aspect of the day to day operations of her clinic. I was able to observe and participate in client consultations. I was also able to receive business training and information on how to set up and run my own clinic.

Rebecca was very supportive during my stay in Bagara and made me feel very welcome in the township. She is warm, encouraging and professional. Rebecca also took a personal interest in my development as a naturopath and checks in with me from time to time and offers advice and support with my practice.

I would high recommend the internship program to anyone wanting to start a natural health clinic or looking to further develop their business and practice.


I completed an internship with Rebecca in 2019. I learnt so much during that time. Rebecca is not only a great practitioner (evidenced by the fact she is always booked out) but she’s also an incredible business woman - running several successful businesses concurrently. During my internship not only did she teach me how to run a successful practice but she also encouraged me to use my legal skills to help practitioners with their legal documents, which sent me down a completely unexpected but very rewarding path with my business Legally Healthy . Rebecca is also a wonderfully kind and generous person, which is evident the moment you speak to her. We hit it off straight away and I am honoured to now call her a friend. I recommend her internship to all new graduates, or even more experienced practitioners wanting to level up their business. She’s truly one of a kind and we are fortunate to have people like her in the natural health industry, leading the way for others.


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